2023 Results

Round 1 X3 Series

17th to the 19th of March

Round Results: 1st

Championship: 1st

Round 1 Track Attack Series

24th to the 26th of March

Round Results: 3rd

Championship: 3rd


7th to the 9th of April

Round Results: 12th

Round 2 X3 Series

21st to the 23rd of April

Round results: 1st

Championship: 1st

Round 2 Track Attack Series

19th to the 21st of may

Round Results: 6th

Championship: 3rd

Round 3 X3 Series

16th to the 19th of June

Round Results: 2nd

Championship: 1st

Round 4 WA X3 Series

1st and 2nd of July

Round Result: 2nd

Championship: Not Part Of It

Round 4 X3 Series

4th to the 6th of August

Round Results: 4th

Championship: 1st

Round 5 X3 Series

8th to the 10th of September

Round Results: 5th

Championship: 1st

EFS Excel Enduro

22nd to the 24th of September

100km Race: 7th

300km Race: 10th (Only 3rd and 4th gear)

Round 3 Track Attack Series

20th to the 22nd of October

Round Results: 8th

Championship: 4th

Excel Nationals Wanneroo

27th to the 29th of October

Round Results: 4th

Round 6 X3 Series

17th to the 19th of November

Round Results: 1st

Championship: 1st