Driver Profile

I started racing go-kart at the age of 10 and it went on from there having success in many classes starting from cadet twelve all the way up to x30

I started racing in Hyundai Excels at the age of 15. In 2022, I was named "Rookie of the Year" in two championships, finishing in the Top 10 in both series. I finished first place in race two at the final round of the X3 Series. So far this year, I have achieved podium finishes in both championships. I am currently leading in one championship and sitting third in the other. I have won two out of three rounds so far of the X3 Series and am currently
leading in this championship.

Little Bit From My Sponsorship Proposal

Over the years, Zane has successfully adjusted his driving style and technique to suit different chassis and tyre compounds, showcasing remarkable adaptability and versatility. He has demonstrated
exceptional race craft, consistently manoeuvring through challenging tracks with precision
and an instinctive understanding of race lines, earning him an impressive track record
of podium finishes and a reputation as a top contender.
He is currently completing an apprenticeship in air conditioning and refrigeration in Noosaville QLD, where he has shown himself to
be a quick learner with mechanical aptitude. He has been
honing his problem-solving skills and his ability to
shift gears at a moment's notice, while on the job. These valuable skills are paving
the way for his promising future ahead in the world of

Results Throughout The Years

2017 Lismore Young Guns Cadet 12 - 1st Place

2018 Junior Masters KA4 Junior - 2nd Place

2019 State Cup K A 4Junior - 2nd Place

2019 State Cup KA3 Junior- 3rd Place

2019 QLD State Titles KA4 Junior - 2nd Place

2019 QLD State Titles KA3 Junior - 3rd Place

2020 Lismore Young Guns KA3 Junior - 1st Place

2020 QLD State Titles KA4 Junior- 2nd Place

2020 QLD State Titles KA3 Junior - 3rd Place

2020 Ipswich KA100 Titles KA4 Junior - 1st Place

2020 Ipswich KA100 Titles KA3 Junior - 2nd Place

2021 Round 1 AKC KA2 - 3rd Place

2021 Junior Top Guns KA2 - 1st Place

2021 QLD State Titles KA4 Junior - 2nd Place

2022 Australian Kart Championship X30 Round 1- 4th Place

2023 Excel Queensland State Championship

2023 Excel Track Attack Championship- 4th Place

2023 Excel National Championship- 4th Place

Numerous podium finishes at club rounds across Queensland